Our Story

I created Love Lighthouse because I see a need for people to be reached by love. I believe Love is the key to all things. I’ve seen more lives change as a result of genuine love than by any other source or influence.

Not enough people know that our lives do not have to be forever scarred and influenced by the pain we’ve experienced in this life. As a little girl I struggled heavily with insecurity and feeling unwanted. I can actually recall the very moment I began to accept the lie that I was not, and never would be beautiful. I was in the eighth grade walking home from school, the night before I had spent several hours picking out my outfit. I was really excited because my mom had allowed me to wear my performance hair from a drill team competition to school. I was happy, I felt pretty, and couldn’t wait to get to school. That afternoon while I was walking home, a group of older boys from my neighborhood were walking behind me. I can remember hearing them talk about how ugly I was, as they made reference to my weight and keloids. I was crushed. As I came to the cross light, a school bus was stopped at a red light. The boys on the bus joined the boys behind me in taunting me. Two boys on the bus threw gum balls and batteries at me as the bus pulled off. I can remember feeling humiliated, but even worse than the humiliation, I felt I actually deserved this treatment.

I carried the hurt of insecurity with me for many years. Not knowing my worth led me to make poor decisions in friendships and relationships. I allowed others to mistreat and take advantage of me, and desperately sought out attention and approval from others.

So what changed? How did I recover? Who restored me? LOVE. The love of Christ really has changed me! So I’ve committed my life AND organization to extending this same love that restored me to others. Stay tuned!

Our Vision
Our Vision is to impact and encourage change in the lives of every person we meet through love.
Our Mission
Shining our light of love, our light will provide resources, support and education into the dark areas of our community and in people’s lives.



I’m Here