Promotes healthy recognition of beauty among diverse women. Encourages the development and acknowledgment of self-worth, identity and inner beauty. This campaign serves the purpose of highlighting unity and the empowerment of women.

How: Once a month a woman will be selected to complete an interview that discusses her experience(s) with discovering her own beauty. She will complete an interview and have a photo shoot.

 There are not enough examples in today’s society of women empowering one another. If you look closely, you will notice more examples of women being competitive, envious, and jealous with one another. But why? The truth is we as women more times than not have far more in common than we like to admit. This campaign will help promote unity among women by highlighting specific issues involving identity and beauty that every woman can relate to. Tell me, how do you define beauty? Have you or do you always feel beautiful? Follow this campaign and watch/listen as 9 women share their answers to these questions and many more.