At a young age, Alesia became a college dropout and a mom all in the same year. In order to succeed in life she had to be willing to face the intrinsic challenges and experiences born out of low self esteem and self confidence.
Because of her own experiences and healing, she feels connected to young ladies with similar circumstances and a passion to let them know they can also overcome.
She ultimately obtained a Bachelors in Business Administration in 2007.  Additionally, she received her Masters in Business Administration in 2010. She has 25 years of consulting experience for various industries including banking, healthcare, and mortgage.
Alesia Greer, MBA


Chelsie Doughty, is a friend, student, daughter, and most importantly, a mother. She was born to Raymond Doughty & Dorothy Diggs. She grew up in New Albany, OH where she also attended school and graduated. Post high school, she attended the University of Akron with a focus of Criminal Justice, where she eventually decided to continue her education in Columbus, OH after having her first child. She’s currently in the process of continuing her education at Franklin University while being employed by Nationwide Insurance as a coordinator & chair member of the Marketing & Emerging Businesses Diversity & Inclusion council.
Chelsie’s passion has always been healing through pain which supports the mission statement of Love Lighthouse: “Shining the light of our love, our light will provide resource, support, and education into the dark areas of our community and people’s lives.” She not only loves being apart of this organization, but has also realized that the love expressed through the organization has assisted and led the way for her own personal healing.



Jameela has been supporting the Love Lighthouse organization for over 3 years. She was one of the 6 ladies to perform in Love Lighthouse’s very first Unmasked show back in 2015. Her tagline, “Daddy’s Little Girl” was given to her as she shared her story of what she lived through wnd experienced as a young teenage mother while living in fear of her father’s strict ways. Her testimony not only inspired other young teenage mother’s, but also inspired other women who wanted nothing more but to mend back together broken and/or distant realtionships between a father and daughters.

Jameela – 26,  was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She grew up in Columbus with both her mother, father and 3 younger sisters.

During the last few months of her junior year in high school, she unexpectedly gave birth to her first child, her son, who is now 10 yrs old. She continued with finishing high school,  and was able to graduate with her class of ’09 along with honors and two academic scholarships.

After graduating from high school, she then furthered her education into college where she majored in nursing. Jameela recieved her degree as a Medical Assistant in 2011, and a year later gave birth to her second child, a daughter, age 6. She continued to pursue her nursing career in the medical field working in a family practice with Mount Carmel.

Since then, she has given birth to her 3rd and last child, her 2nd youngest daughter, age 2. Jameela is now currently in nursing school obtaining her Associates Degree in Nursing and soon after, will work on pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Her dream is too become a Registered Nurse where she wishes to make a difference in peoples health, help save lives, build relationships and give back to the community.