The UNMASKED journey begins with each of these women completing a series of life classes. The purpose of these classes are to help them determine which areas of their stories have had or still have the most impact on their lives. Through open discussion, journaling, and group/individual activities each of them began to unmask the very private and painful areas of their lives that they never knew they could experience healing from. They are taught skills and principals that encourage continued growth, a relationship with Christ, and being whole. Then each of their stories are compressed into a monologue. Each of  these ladies will be bringing to the stage true stories that they have silently held in for years.

You don’t have to live with the pain experienced in your past for the rest of your life. Life outside of insecurities, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, brokenness DOES exist. It is possible to forgive the hurt of molestation, abandonment, and abuse. You can experience freedom and be healed! Don’t believe me? Come watch!

Stay tuned for MORE information on Unmasked 2018!! Please enjoy a few of these photos from our 2016 production!

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    How much are the tickets

  2. Kim boykins

    I want to know what i need to do to be unmasked

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