When: October 26, 2018

Simply put, this project is empowerment taking the stage. Six women with very unique and powerful stories were chosen to complete a series of life classes. The classes teach skills and principals that encourage continued growth,  being whole, and a relationship with Christ. This process will transition into the completion of each women’s life story being compressed into a monologue. In the Fall of 2015, they have all agreed to unmask, and stand in their truth so it may empower, encourage, and educate all those in attendance.



When: October 27, 2018

You don’t want to miss Love Lighthouse’s Women’s Conference!

Ever attend a worship service or conference in HOPES that something, at least one thing, would be said that reaches you, or speaks to your current situation? What if I could give you the assurance that there will be a women’s conference that will speak specifically to your REAL and CURRENT issue(s) you’ve experienced or are experiencing?

The stories told in this production will discuss overcoming abuse (sexual, physical, mental), abandonment, rejection, insecurities, lifestyles of destruction (prostitution, stripping, trafficking), broken relationships, broken hearts, etc.

This conference will touch on the same topics, and will promote and impart healing, as well as teach holistic living.

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